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4 Questions for... Mariana de Cária (Emibra)

PackTech Ventures - Newsletter #2 - December 2022

We exclusively interviewed Mariana de Cária, RD&I Coordinator at Emibra, one of the main companies in the Printing sector, operating through the supply of cardboard packaging. Family business, operating since 1974, has reinvented itself through Innovation. The following is a record of our conversation about the impact of the Innovation culture, and the benefits achieved by the company.

PackTech Ventures (PTV): Emibra is one of the companies in the Printing & Packaging sector with the most innovative culture in the market. How did this culture change start? When did it begin, and what did motivate it?

Mariana de Cária (MC): In 2019, our CEO, Danilo Braghiroli, always participating in events and seeking Emibra's growth, decided to unite people, a multifunctional team, to compose the Innovation Committee, and, from there, actions more focused on innovation and aligned with the strategy of the company begin to emerge. Through recurring meetings, we decided to seek knowledge about possible applications and interpretations of innovation in connection with customers and suppliers. Then, we defined that promoting an innovation culture would be the first challenge of the committee, and at the same time we started working on structuring an ideation program for all company's employees.

PTV: How is Emibra structured to promote this innovation culture inside and outside the organization?

MC: We work with 3 pillars: Packing Knowledge (Culture of Innovation), Packing Ideas (Internal Ideas Program), and Packing New Businesses (Open Innovation). The pillars talk to each other, but, in practice, the implementation of new businesses is only possible when we have employees who are open to innovation; therefore, the mindset also needs to be aligned with the company's strategy. Each pillar has specific actions to generate results according to established goals.

PTV: Which business results were achieved through these pillars?

MC: Emibra is constantly structuring itself when it comes to innovation: nowadays, strategic planning is practically daily, changes happen exponentially, and we need to be always in tune. For Emibra, the main result is the potential for opening up and studying new markets, with employees prepared to respond to actions generated. For example, this year Emibra opened a spin-off, Quick Packing, e-commerce to serve individuals and small companies. In addition, we created the Packaging Redesign Program with a focus on Circular Economy and Innovation: the RD&I (Research, Development & Innovation) area is responsible for this program and seeks to study trends, news in raw materials, and the most innovative solutions from the market. Innovation is the search for differentiation, it is to do differently when others do the same. Our main focus is to be an ambidextrous organization, bringing operational excellence through well-structured processes such as Lean Manufacturing, while working in balance with the promotion of an innovation culture, which requires dynamism and creativity.

PTV: And what is the organizational impact on Emibra's employees? Which are the observed benefits?

MC: We recently held the 1st Emibra Hackathon, where all employees were challenged to generate solutions for ESG and New Business topics. In practice, there were five days of immersion for project ideation and structuring; the main result, in addition to innovative and profitable projects, was the engagement of more than 200 employees. Collective intelligence bears fruit when there is a safe environment to innovate, promotes engagement, openness to new business, and active participation of employees in the search for new solutions.

Learn more about Emibra by visiting the website:

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