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Business Model to Inspire: Sihl (Germany)

PackTech Ventures - Newsletter #1 - November 2022

Sihl is considered a pioneer in designing and delivering future-proof solutions for 4 market segments: Signage & Photos, Labels & Tags, Packaging, and Surface Decoration. For flexible packaging segment, it offers digitally printed packaging films with water-based inkjet technology, making it possible to produce flexible, individualised, food-compliant packaging according to customer needs as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, for Labels & Tags, whether tear-resistant, waterproof, or PVC-free, these different applications can be found in several product ranges, even for very short runs of personalised labels or tags. One of these ranges – FACESTOCK – has been breakthrough in the labels market, being continuously expanded and converted to include more sustainable products, using Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) BOPP and PET films.

Sihl FACESTOCK range has been promoting environmental sustainability in PoD (Printing-on-Demand) applications through 4 pilars:

1. Recycle: Mono-packaging / automatic sorting

The FACESTOCK range includes BOPP and PET films in various sizes and colours. Together with the right adhesive, they support recycling efforts, whether by enabling mono-packaging or automatic sorting during recycling.

2. Reduce: CO2 emissions with DUAL print technology

To reduce CO2 emissions, 11 products with DUAL printing technology are available. This reduces inventory along the entire logistics chain, as only one product is needed for at least two printing technologies, such as inkjet and laser for example.

3. Save: Raw material by reducing weight

Sihl saves resources in the use of materials and offers two aqueous inkjet products (7069 / 7054) with reduced weight. Compared to the corresponding PET (7859 / 7858) or BOPP grades (7857 / 7852) their total weight is reduced by 20% or 40%. This saves valuable raw materials and increases productivity thanks to the higher number of labels per roll.

4. Recycled: PCR-based coated films

Sihl offers 5 FACESTOCK filmic products with a PCR content between 30% and 90%, unchanged mechanical properties and the same unchallenged Sihl printing performances in laser or AQ (water base) inkjet.

Specially for businesses that demand high level of flexibility and personalization, PoD is a helpfull solution – but, providing sustainable inks and films for this (and also extending them to digital printing) was core to build a different kind of printing business, aligned with ESG purposes. All companies, from all sizes, are searching for environmetal-friendly solutions from Packaging & Labels sector – and Sihl is a good example of how companies can (and should) commercialize solutions of this kind of nature.

For more information about Sihl, visit the website:

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