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Startup of the Month: Apeel (USA)

PackTech Ventures - Newsletter #3 - January 2023

What if you could make fruit and vegetables stay fresh for longer by simply adding an edible, plant-based protection stick? That is what Apeel stick delivers. Founded in 2012 by James Rogers at Goleta/CA, USA, Apeel is now considered a PackTech unicorn, had received investments of more than USD 640 M. Among its leading investors, we find Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, that believed in the initial idea behind the stick and granted USD 100 k to James Rogers develop the product and start the business.

It started with a simple question: “why do some fruits and vegetables last longer than others?”. Every plant on Earth has a peel that protects it. The top layer of the peel is called the cuticle layer, which keeps moisture in while allowing the plant to breathe without drying out. So, learning from nature helped mimic the cuticle layer role through the stick: Apeel protects fresh produce by forming a thin edible “peel” on the fruit's surface, similar to the plant’s cuticle layer.

Apeel is composed entirely of purified monoglycerides and diglycerides, edible compounds that can be found in a variety of foods. They are safe to eat as verified by regulatory authorities around the world. Apeel dramatically slows the rate that produce spoils. By maintaining moisture and reducing oxidation, it supports the plant’s natural abilities to protect against environmental stress.

The results showcased with avocados, lemons, strawberries, bananas and others are visually impacting, effectively deliverying the technical promise. The company has 58 registered patents, alongside 29 trademarks, protecting its scientific and commercial efforts.

Learn more about Apeel by visiting the website:

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