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About Us

Founded in 2022, PackTech Ventures helps companies in the Graphics & Packaging and Label sectors leverage Innovation in the 4.0 environment, connecting the ecosystem through knowledge, co-creation, partnerships, and development of startups and new businesses.


PackTech Ventures has a systemic and multi-category vision for the Graphics & Packaging and Label sectors, thanks to the experience of its co-founders in these sectors, with Innovation for the Consumer sector, and support for startups and Acceleration programs.

Our Founders

Aislan Baer PackTech Ventures.jpg

Aislan Baer

  • LinkedIn ícone social

Serial Entrepreneur, ProjetoPack CEO, Inovagraf CIO, Consultant and Speaker for Graphics & Packaging sectors, IDEAlliance Latin America prior Executive Director, and Professor of Packaging Technology & Graphic Production.

Leila Malta PackTech Ventures.jpg

Leila Malta

  • LinkedIn Leila Malta

Entrepreneur, L'inno Bureau CEO and Principal Consultant, Innovation Speaker, ProjetoPack em Revista columnist, prior Innovation and R&D Executive in FMCG companies, and Post-Graduation Professor of Innovation & Project Management.

The PackTech Theory

Our thesis is based on the theory proposed by Prof. Leila Malta, co-founder of PackTech Ventures:


“PackTechs are startups or new businesses of established companies, that offer solutions to relevant problems in the Graphic & Packaging sectors, based on hardware and/or software technology.”.


We believe that through Education, in addition to agile innovation in practice, with a technological mindset applied to products, services and business models, we will positively impact the development and growth of the PackTech ecosystem, promoting its evolution and sustainability.


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